Monday, November 21

cran crazy

Our kids are nuts. I don't know if every family has kids who are nuts, but mine are crazy and crazy and crazy. I love them, but they are nuts. When the noise goes away finally at night and the kids are all in bed and I get to sit down, those moments are soo nice that I don't want to do anything.
The other day Natalie and Boots were playing house and Natalie said something about going to the kitchen to cook because she is the mommy. Boots was the Daddy and he quickly chimed in that mommies don't cook, Daddy's do! haha I busted up. so true in our house! Daddy definitely cooks!
So i got a white tree on clearance at the end of last season and was so excited to get it up this year. I spent a long time deciding on colors to do on it, and finally we've got it all up and decided on red and white. So I did a little research on some DIY decor in red and white and have gone Cranberry crazy. THESE little things are my favorite though. Ignoring the bad photo, these are foam balls with cranberries hot glue gunned onto them. LOVE them! I also have these crans in rows on the tree, and in other places scattered through our house. I love them, and Courtney likes the ones that fall on the floor. And then I like stepping in the ones that she finds that I had dropped on the floor, after they had been chewed. yum. So the first chapter of Sports in our family has come to an end, until after Christmas. The kids soccer ended and they both got their trophies and final game. Natalie really was improving with every game. This last one, she wanted a goal so bad! She worked hard and I am so proud of her! Boots on the other hand just likes to run. I am not even sure he knows there are rules to soccer! haha

And yes, I am super behind and lacking with the blog. AHHH!! I need that extra hour or two in a day. Or better yet, I need 15 minutes of uninterupted me time to just sit and not be asked for a snack, or a drink, or to help them go to the bathroom, or cleaning someting, or folding, or cooking, or coloring, or buidling block towers, or cleaning, or cleaning, or cleaning... UGH! Anyway, I will try to be better becuase I am sitting her and forget all the good stories I had to tell about the last few weeks.


aidanjordan said...

I'm excited to see the tree! It looked so pretty with nothing on it- I am sure it is even more beautiful decorated! We did the same thing- got a tree on clearance last year. Yay for deals!

Meagan said...

Those cranberry balls are GORGEOUS. You did such a good job. I want to try doing that! We definitely do not have a fireplace mantle, so I may need to be creative. I loooove little kid soccer! That is my DREAM for Brinley to play and me to be her coach. I am crossing her fingers that she likes soccer just like her mama. if not, I will seriously cry.

Sara said...

AMEN! I feel ya! I love your tree and your house is amazing!