Tuesday, October 25


On discussing a hair cut, Stephen explained that he wanted his hair to be all gone...as in bald. I am not a huge bald fan on a little 3 year old, so I of course said no. I did, however, tell him that if he still wants it a few days later that we can do it.
We went for the big chop!! But now every time he looks in the mirror he gets upset that it isn't all gone and bald. Should I give in and shave it? I mean SHAVE it. I just dont know!

But this funny guy is as handsome as ever, and with his new haircut he looks older already. I was sad to see those blonde lockes go to the ground, but it was time.

So we were sitting at Dinner the other night and Brian had cooked up some beets. He offfered some to the kids, but the only thing that made them interested was the possibility that it could turn their Urine red. They immediately jumped on it and ate a little bite right away. All of a sudden as he is swallowing, boots is struggling to get his pants down a little. On questioning him, he told us that he needed to check to see if his "little part" was red, because it was going to turn his peepee red. We tried to discourage him and tell him that he wouldn't be able to tell yet, but that didn't stop him from pulling his pants down to check, and inform us that indeed his little part was a color. haha it was very funny and inapropriate conversation for the dinner table. But that is the only was we roll around here! If it wasn't inappropriate, it probably didn't happen. This kids keeps us on our toes all the time!

Side note. Nana is here and we LOVE to have her come and visit. She has come into town for the BYU/TCU game which is Friday night and we cant wait for the other members of our party arrive into town!! Thanks for coming early Nana bear. We love you so much!! Sorry you have to sleep on the floor on a too short for your legs matress! We know you must really love us!


Meagan said...

Oooo little boys :-) His hair is So adorable!!!

So fun your mama is in town! I love that woman!

jayme said...

You did a great job! All my boys need haircuts. I wish we lived closer and I could bring them to you!

Abby said...

His hair looks good! I don't think I'd be brave enough to shave it all off! But it does g row back so quickly! Maybe have fun with it and do a Mohawk for a day. :). I'm totally wanting to cut Ty's hair but waiting til we get family pictures. I still like it long, but it's time for short again soon!

And, we have a nice blow up aero-bed for your poor mom. I can come drop it off today if you'd like!