Saturday, December 31


These posts are going to have to be short as I have tried several times to upload pictures and words and everything gets deleted when my app closes up on me. But these are some pictures from our road trip out to North Carolina and home. On the way out our plans changed as Poppy wouldn't sleep in the car and Natalie got sick and threw up all over herself on the side of the road. The temperature was below freezing and we had no jackets as Natalie and I froze at 2 AM vomiting on the side of the car. It was so pleasant. We ended up making it to North Carolina to days later and enjoying a fun long Christmas vacation out there! Now we are heading home and have stopped in Mississippi for the night. It is New Year's eve and I am celebrating in my own hotel room with two sleeping girls, Brian is in the other hotel room with the other kids. What a celebration! Happy New Year's from the Rawlins!

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