Wednesday, December 30

Pre-order Christmas

We have been so busy around here. And it seems now that I am going through my pictures that poppy is our first and only child haha!! She is just so fun to take pictures of! 
She had officially learned to walk and that is how she gets around every where! She is saying momma dadda she attempts boots and says nana which I'm not sure if it's means nana or Natalie! She is loving her milk and can sign food and all done. She knows where her nose is and has the cheesiest smile ever! Love her. 

We have had Sophia's baptism in Carrollton, Brian went out to Portland for a weekend, my brother Danny came into town for one night, Brian and Robin's family for the holidays, gingerbread houses, last minute shopping, playing outside and falling into Nanas freezing cold pool, 74° weather, we went to the millennial choir concert which was amazing, and late night Walmart runs with lines that are out the door. People are insane with their Christmas shopping here! 
Brian had his birthday a few days before Christmas. Happy birthday to my main man! I always feel bad that he has to share his birthday so close to Christmas day. He always got his presents wrapped in Christmas paper and pretty much grouped together with his Christmas gift. He always says he doesn't want anything which makes me feel extra bad about celebrating his birthday. I really just need to start celebrating his half birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy the pictures we have had a really fun month.

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