Thursday, November 26

We have the bug

I will start out on a good note. Poppy turned one. What a sweet baby. I'm just waiting for all the sickness to clear up in her house before I take some cute pictures of her. We have been on a different sicknesses running to your house. Everybody has taking turns getting sick. It started out the week before our sailing trip when everybody was throwing up including our poor babysitter. Currently we are roaming through the whole thing with strep throat. Poppy has a disgusting never ending flow of yellow's not coming from her nose currently. Poor girl, I feel like this is been her face for about two weeks. But times kept taking and she has turned one. She's crawling all over the place cruising on all the furniture and walking with chairs that slide or her walker toy. She is starting to love baby dolls and give them sweet loves. She says hi to everyone she sees and waves her little hand. She loves to blow kisses and has recently learned how to be included in our family kiss. Sounds gross, but we all can kiss our finger and then put her fingers together in the middle.
She still makes our family complete and is as sweet as ever. She can say mama, dad, no, and while we were gone on our sailing trip Celeste taught her sign language for food. She can put one finger up when we ask her how old she is. It looks more like a gun then one finger but occasionally she will put that thumb down!

The weather has been crazy in Texas and last week we had a tornado warning. There were a few that a touchdown close by and our county went into Turnata warning. Brian and I debated whether we wake up all the kids and normally we let them all continue sleeping and not wake him up but this time we decided to get them up. We all headed down to our "tornado safe room". Which is our laundry room. We brought a bunch of pillows and blankets down and after about 20 minutes the warning was canceled and we put the kids all back in bed. Of course poppy thought it was way too fun to be awake so she would not go back to sleep!
Eric and Kathleen came up to Dallas this last weekend to spend the week with all of us. They stayed long enough that we could pass along all of our sickness to them! Intern we ended up having a huge marbles/aggravation tournament. Paxton and Abby came over and we all stayed up way too late plane tons of aggravation. There is not much that makes me happier than to hear and watch Brian and Paxton together. Rawl hob combo is one of my favorites. We headed down to Houston yesterday after having an early Thanksgiving dinner with the Rawlins family.

There is nothing worse than somebody throwing up in the car. Poppy was crying and got so upset that she made herself throw up. It was all over herself filling her lap. We stopped at the nearest gas station and I went inside with the naked baby to washer in the sink. I dropped to an all new low. I felt so gross sitting my baby on a nasty counter will try to wash it with soap and water.  But she definitely needed more than a whipe bath and this did the trick. 

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