Tuesday, November 17

Capping off

There were only a few days between DC and our next trip(which will come next) and this is what went down.... 
Mom came for a quick visit and we all managed to triplet and wear plaid. 

Poppy just gets sweeter and sweeter. 

We got ready (and had) our 2nd annual Halloween party. This year we decided to hang 350 Harry Potter style candles floating through the house. It. Was. Awesome. 
Poppy was still delishious. 
Court met her idol. She is obsessed with Barbie as of late. Thanks Walmart optical. 
Then we had our ward trunk or treat the same night as our Halloween party so we dashed off to the ward trunk or treat so the kids could do a little bit of that. It got rained out as it seems too many years and afterword we came home and partied all night long! I will have to post those pictures in a separate post.

Here are a few random pictures from those few days. Just your average Costco, selfie stick, and  Nebraska furniture Mart. Natalie got a queen size bed and (boots) and Courtney got a new bunkbed.

Of course our sailing trip that we went on was right during Natalie's actual birthday and Halloween. We flew our babysitter down from Calgary and she was able to take them check or treating and do lots of fun things with them while you're gone. So grateful we could find someone to watch over our children for 10 days while we were gone. My friend Celeste watched poppy and she had so much fun there!

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Alysha Sladek said...

I want to see these Harry Potter candles! What a fun Halloween!