Sunday, October 25

No chance for slowing down

Life just gets crazier doesn't it?! Never slowing down. 
Work is nuts (although slowing down and I am loving that), kids school homework is non stop, the fall is crazy for birthdays in our house, lots of travel, soccer, baseball, church callings, and just life! I love to be busy but I am so tired. 
We manage to grab lunch with Brian when we can. I do a good job of convincing Courtney to pick my favorite restaurants. Chuys. 
A few weeks ago the kids put together a lemonade stand for a great cause. 
My friend Kelly in Houston has a not for profit company called student ties. She gets friendship bracelets made in Third World countries by the actual students who send them to her to sell. All the proceeds go back to them to help them go to school, build it destroyed schools, and school supplies. Most families can't afford to send their children to school so they end up not having an education. Our bracelets were from students in Nepal  who school was destroyed in the earthquake a few years ago. I love that we were able to be in bald in such a great cause and the kids loved it! Earned lots of money and we are still trying to sell bracelets here in there to get more.

Poppy girl is growing up way too fast. She will be one year next month and I just cannot believe how old she is getting. She crawls at lightning speed, is very curious and climbing stairs and loves to try and get a quick getaway. She stands up and takes 2 to 3 steps on her own. She cruises around the furniture and thinks she is so funny! She laughs at herself and tries to get the kids to laugh at her. She thinks it's funny to throw food on the floor, I however do not think that is funny. She points when you point at her, waves when you wave, she will blow kisses and give very juicy kisses on your lips. She can say hi, bye-bye, dad, Momma. She is always happy, she sleeps well, she eats well, and she pretty much is just the happiest read sunshine in our home. So blessed to have that little spirit.

These are two of our favorite girls. They are the twins that live just down the road. They moved here from Canada and we have become quick friends at their family. They are our number one (x2) babysitters and the kids love them like big sisters! They celebrated their 14th birthday and we had fun!

Pretty much we are just trying to have fun when we can. Love these kiddos of mine but life is sure getting away from me!

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