Sunday, June 8

What a weekend

I have been blessed with some good friends and some great family!! I wasn't with all of them this weekend but I did get to hang out with a lot of them. 
Friday night we went boating on Lake Lewisville and Libby and I both pregnant, went out on the tube for a little spin!! We were on a pontoon boat, so it was so slow and nothing to worry about. 
One of the highlights was hitting a wave at the end and having it pretty much cover the entire boat with water getting everyone's purses and clothing soaking wet. That sounds like a lame highlight, but it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughter! 

Today we got a babysitter early, and headed downtown with the Fujikawa's to go to the Dallas Museum of art. It was incredible to walk around and read all of the history behind so much art. There are few times I get to do that now with kids always on my arm so it was a lot of fun to go without kids and really enjoy it!!  We then headed down the road to the local farmers market. I had one taste of some delicious peaches and bought a whole basket. Everything looks amazing!! I wish I lived closer to a farmers market, I would go often to buy fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
We went to dinner at a delicious pizza place called canne Rosa and it was incredibly delicious!! They lived in Italy for two years and said that these pizzas are very very similar in the closest they have gotten to a real authentic Italian pizza. 
You have to finish off the evening with dessert, we went to pokey o's and enjoyed and homemade ice cream sandwich that we got to choose the cookie and the ice cream inside of. Mmmm!!! 
We then went to go see the movie Melificent. For a movie review I will tell you it wasn't the best. My daughter will definitely not be going to see this movie. It was very violent, very dark, and just not something I would recommend kids to see. This is definitely a dollar movie. Don't spend the full $9.50 to go see this.

The whole weekend was a fabulous weekend, and I am excited to finish it off with a great day at church and visiting with family tomorrow. I feel so blessed to have such great people in my life. We have great conversation lots of laughter and always eat lots of delicious food!!! 

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shahna said...

Seriously. Cutest couple award goes to you and that hubby of yours. We sure love you guys.