Monday, September 28

Boots is the best

Boots turned seven in the summer and he is such a joy to have in our house. 
He is playing baseball this season ends on the Yankees. His team is not very good but he has fun! 
I have been so busy so far this year that I haven't even made it to one game. We also have so many trips planned for the fall I don't know how many games I will even be able to make it too.
I just needed to talk a little bit about how sweet he is. He just rode his bike home from school and when they get home they are always tired and hot.
I myself had just gotten home from the grocery store and had opened the trunk of my van to start unloading groceries. He rides up on his bike about a minute after I had pulled into the driveway and as he goes to park his bike inside the garage says to me in passing "hi mom! Can I come help me with groceries?" 
And honestly this is how he is all the time with his entire life. He is just the sweetest little boy and always thinking of others. In fact last week we move Courtney into his room instead of sharing with Natalie because we know how patient he would be with her. It's hard to share a room with a five-year-old but boots is just the right person to do it. 
Love this kid. 

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