Wednesday, July 22

Dating scene

I like to think of Brian and I as a couple who has a lot of fun. We love to go out on dates and we love to go on group dates. We like to do different kinds of things and we know that some of our friends don't always love to do that. We decided to go to comic con this year. I have always wanted to go! You always see it in the movies and I just thought it would be something fun to go and see for myself. We went with our friends Jake and Celeste and had a great time! There were a lot of weirdos there but we had a super fun time. We bought boots this super awesome light saber and no joke two months later he still sleeps with it every single night. He loves that thing!

 Eric and Kathleen moved down to Houston so we had one last big dinner out as a family. It was really fun to go out as just adults! I really truly am blessed to have married into such a fabulous family. I love my in-laws and all my Inlaw siblings! They are the best. We will miss Eric and Kathleen as now they are four hours away instead of 30 minutes. 
Another fun date that we went on was driving up to the winstar Casino resort and going to a Weezer concert. It was a small venue so we were about four rows back. We had awesome seats and an absolutely fabulous time! We went with her friends Ben and Katie Holme and really just had so much fun rocking out to Weezer! Totally brought me back to 2001 with some fabulous memories. 

And I can't leave one of my favorite people to go out on dates with! Brian and I love to go out with Libby and Sean. I'm really lucky to have my sister living so close! We always have so much fun and have way too many laugh attacks. We are sisters twins without being actual twins. We Twiner on our clothing, the way we talk, the way we laugh, and the way we think! I love this best friend sister of mine with all my heart! I'm just sad that she moved from being 30 seconds away to being 13 minutes away. It's kind of a lame problem to have but I am bummed that the kids cannot longer walk to each other's houses after school and ride bikes to get a cup of sugar or an extra stick of butter. I can't go over in my pajamas and just lounge on her couch as easily as I could've. My rant is done now, at least she only lives 13 minutes away!

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Alysha said...

I love that you guys hit Comic Con. I'd love to go one day. Doubt I could convince Jimmy haha. Sorry Libby moved further away. I'd love to have even a friend live nearby. All those things you mentioned sound lovely. Good thing she's still close :)