Thursday, March 4

short shorts

Where are these days going? They feel like they are going so slow, but then I turn my head and it's Thursday!
I dont usually share a day by day of what boring stuff we do, but I am in the chatty mood. This week we had FHE/birthday party at our friends house, made AWESOME homemade pretzels, went on some walks(which is superb considering how lazy I have been), went to a STARS game which was awesome in a suit, hit a park finally (it has been so cold here!), and today was topped off with the start to some SPRING CLEANING!

I started with the kitchen. It took all day, and I have to finish tomorrow but I was able to pull out the fridge and the stove, which had never been done since we have lived here. It was so bad. I am soo happy to say that almost EVERYTHING is spotless and dirtless and fingerprintless in the kitchen. I still want to wipe out all the cupboards and wipe out the fridge but that is it!

Tomorrow, I want to have good intentions and do another room but who knows how long this Martha streak will last!
ALSO to note, we got a kitchen gate. Best investment ever.

I did reorganize the kitchen to get our little play kitchen in there. Glad I did it, there is no room anywhere else and I know it really wanted to get played with!

Wow this is boring.

So onto exciting. Short shorts... My son decided today that he wanted to wear his buildabear shorts. I was instantly brought back to before my time, 1973. He has some nice legs!
Speaking of short shorts, Tomorrow is a huge and very exciting day! My Brother Dan and my Dad are in New Zealand and will be doing an Ironman tomorrow. I am so excited. This is Dan's second but my dads first and he has been training so hard for it. Between work and church I have no idea how he has found the time but I CANT WAIT for them! GUYS, take lots of pics at the beginning and end I guess! We love you guys, GOOD LUCK!

(notice the bum hole for his puppy tail, Patch the buildabear pup)


Nadine said...

Hey Jenni,

Love reading your new posts! Your 2 lil peanuts are so precious! I have a new post up with a video. Just pause my playlist 1st and get your kleenex out! Tell Libby and your mom to look at my blog to! Have a great Friday!

abby and paxton said...

funny build a bear undies... ha. And I like the kitchen gate... very smart!
I love the feeling of a clean house!! I'm trying to clean once a week... its hard to find the energy sometimes.

Proud Momma said...

It looks like he has a surprise for you in those saggy shorts!

chase said...

Hey, Jen and Bri, just looking on here to see if you had any info about your Chi-town visit, and I saw the shorty shorts on your son. Sweeeeet. Guess I'll be more patient about Chicago download. Glad you're back ('re back, right?).